VVKorea 입점신청(Sell on Korea.com)
VVKorea과 함께 하실 분들은 아래 내용을 첨부하여 콘텐츠 기획팀에 메일을 주십시오. 검토 후 답변드리겠습니다.
Please fill in the following message to the contents into the embassy in the project, we'll give you an answer after being confirmed
* 서류 제출 후 승인심사가 완료되어야 콘텐츠 등록 및 홍보 활동이 가능합니다.
After documents are to be submitted for examination and approval by only can upload contents and doing advertisement activities
서류 보내실 곳(Send a file)
주소(address) : #1723,280 kwangpyeoung ro,Gangnam-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea
VVKorea 입점신청 이용약관에 대해서 (For applying for admission to the embassy in the Terms of Use) 약관에 동의합니다.(Agreed to terms)
신청정보 입력(Enter the application of information) (*) 표시는 필수입력 사항 입니다.(* is Required)
*아이디(Account) 아이디중복확인(To confirm the account) * 2~50자의 영문과 숫자의 조합으로, 한글/특수문자 입력불가입니다.(Special symbol. / digital combination, can not enter South Korea, the English text word 2-50)
*비밀번호(Password) * 4~15자의 영문과 숫자의 조합(English letters and numbers of 4-15 mixed)
(Confirm password)
* 비밀번호 확인을 위해 다시 한번 입력해주세요.(To make sure your password, please enter again)
*회사명(The company name)
(Business license number)
- - * 예(yes): 119-02-29983
*결제은행(Pay the bank)
*계좌번호(The bank account) * "-" 없이 숫자만 입력해 주세요(Enter digits only).
*예금주(The payee)
(The person responsible for your name / post)
/ * 예(yes): 홍길동/팀장(Mr Tan / minister)
*전화번호(phone number) * 예(yes): 02-123-1234
휴대폰(Cell phone) * 예(yes): 011-123-1234
FAX * 예(yes): 02-123-1234
홈페이지주소(Web site) * 예: www.chinakoreacom.com
(사업자등록증 동일주소)
(The same address and business license)

우편번호찾기(Find the zip code) * 예(yes): 123-456

* 나머지 주소(The address)

기타사항(Other matters)
(Licensed accessories)
* 사업자등록증사본 첨부(To add a licensed accessories)
*통장사본(Passbook accessories) * 통장사본 첨부(To add a passbook accessories)
확인(confirm) 취소(cancel)

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